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a vote for John is a vote for:

  • Real life business experience, a proven track record and leadership with a social conscience.

  • A candidate who is 100% Independent and does not accept cash donations.

  • Consultation & transparency with the community and relevant stakeholders.

  • Focusing on climate change.

  • Supporting small business with a direct concierge service.

  • Reigning in wasteful expenditure on non-core issues.

  • Sustainable development with respect to Hobart’s unique heritage.

  • Recognising and respecting the traditional owners, the Muwinina people.

  • Addressing Hobart’s BIG ISSUES - Traffic management and car parking, Airbnb, Planning & Building permit processes, the dysfunctional Council chamber, UTAS city move, building heights, Macquarie Point, scooters.

Hobart's BIG issues

Hobart is one of the most enviable cities in the world to live in and visit. 

Home to beautiful parks, mountains, rivers and beaches. A cultural city renowned for its festivals, arts, orchestra, museums and heritage buildings.

A cool climate and clean environment we are experiencing the greatest economic boom this state has ever seen.

But despite all this there is trouble in paradise.

bike and bridge.jpg

We head the nation in some of the worst socioeconomic indicators and the city carries record debt that the next generation will inherit.

Traffic congestion, housing shortages, building and planning complications are just some of the big issues this city has to deal with.

I will deliver strong leadership, real life business experience with a social conscience and a transparent and consultative approach.

Following are the big issues that I see and experience and would make a priority to address.

who is John Kelly?


John Kelly is a true local - born, raised, educated and worked in the city of Hobart all his life.


Dedicated participation in both community and small business in such diverse fields as sporting clubs, Army Reserve, committees and boards, surf lifesaving, charities, construction, to name a few, gave John the all round skills to acquire and turn around the much loved, but fledgling State Cinema in 2002.

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bike and bridge
bike and mountain
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